Chico Mothers’ Club Turns 20!

Chico Mothers’ Club Turns 20!

Say, have you ever been stuck in an elevator with a bunch of people? This can build a caring community instantly. Parenthood can bond absolute strangers just like this! Joining the Chico Mothers’ Club (CMC), for a cost of $25 per year, immediately provides a mom with seventy-plus mothers to share this bond. As a member of CMC, you will have access to a myriad of experiences ranging from playgroups, parties, tours, and lessons to Mom’s Night Out gatherings.

Above all, Chico Mothers’ Club offers community. The chance to befriend other families grounds a person through the changes of early parenthood. It is an inspiration to meet weekly with a consistent group of moms and kids who share this life experience. Playgroups at coffee shops, homes, and parks establish ongoing relationships which translate into a bolstered sense of personal well-being for both the parent and the child.
Early on, babies hear the mothers building friendships while they play next to peers. As interactive toddlers, they gain weekly practice in developing and maintaining their own friendships. Little by little, moms informally guide children to listen, share, and take turns. This socialization fosters confidence and success.
Don’t be stuck alone in the elevator! It’s 2015 and Chico Mothers’ Club is twenty years old! Our devoted President and Vice President (who are simply club members) are planning something fun! To get the perks that CMC offers all mothers, visit:, complete the membership form, and contribute your $25 fee on PayPal.

Join Us CMC and Enjoy:
Moms’ Night Out
Online Social Network
Local Tours
Holiday Celebrations
Walks, Hikes, Parade, Skating, Bowling, Gym
Dinner Delivery for families of newborns
Crafts and Lessons
7 Weekly Playgroups

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