Children’s Book Reviews

Children’s Book Reviews

Book reviews by Andrea Wilcox

Picture Books:


1. The Nuts: Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pantspolkadotpants-1

By Eric Litwin, Scott Magoon (Illustrator)

Another amazing book from the creator of Pete the Cat. This one will have you dancing and getting your groove on! Readers young and old will appreciate the plight of Tiny Hazel Nut, she just wants to get her family moving to her disco beat. The animation is whimsical and fun plus you can download the song and learn the dance for free. Try to get this tune out of your head, the whole family will be humming it. Recommended for children ages 2-5.


2. You’re Here for a Reason

by Nancy Tillman

You’re here for a reason. If you think you’re not

I would say perhaps you forgot….

This beautiful book boasts gorgeous illustrations and inspiring verse. A book for all ages, the sentiment truly echoes with all. You will treasure it for years to come!


3. Beep Beep! Go to Sleep!

By Todd Tarpley, John Rocco (Illustrator)

Quite at last. Not a peep. Three little robots are…BEEP! BEEP!

With delightful artwork, this book perfectly illustrates the bedtime battle in a fun and clever way. A young boy tries desperately to get his robots to power down for the evening but, they have something else in mind.  A funny role reversal that is sure to tickle your little one’s funny bone!


Young Reader


1. The Sword of Summertheswordsummer

By Rick Riordan

This much anticipated novel is the latest offering from Rick Riordan, of Percy Jackson fame.  Through protagonist Magnus Chase we will be exploring Norse mythology. This book will engulf and enrapture fans. Children ages 9-12 will devour this fast-paced, hilarious high stakes adventure!


2. The Doldrums

By Nicholas Gannondoldrums

Have you ever wanted a little more adventure in your life? A little more excitement and imagination? This book about friendship, adventure and discovery is a modern classic. The characters capture your heart and your imagination. Follow Helmsley on this whirlwind adventure to find his Grandparents.  Not since Ron, Hermoine and Harry have their been such a memorable trio of friends. Ages 9-12


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