Dido Hasper Speculum Kit Giveaway Day

Annual Dido Hasper Speculum Kit Giveaway Day!
Honoring the life and legacy of our founder, visionary Dido Hasper,
we invite you to stop by Women’s Health Specialists on Friday, July 30th, to pick up your free speculum kit. Reclaim your Power! Demystify your body and put your own health in your hands. Every July, Women’s Health Specialists gives free speculum kits to all clinic visitors in honor of WHS Founder and Executive Director until her 2004 passing, Dido Hasper.
“Dido believed in self-empowerment through knowledge about our own bodies, overcoming shame and sexism, and passing it on to another generation. We carry that on today. ”
— Women’s Health Specialists
Who Is Dido Hasper?
Dido was the Founding and Executive Director of Women’s Health Specialists. A true pioneer in the women’s health movement. Dido put the health centers on the map, weathering opposition from anti-abortionists, funding crises, and fighting social bigotry. Using the vital lessons and knowledge Dido shared so generously with all of us, we will continue our work in her memory.
Speculum Kit Giveaway Day
Each July, volunteers, and staff put together about 300 kits that include a mirror, speculum, and how-to booklet. These kits are given to clinic visitors on one day, in honor of our Founder and Self-Help Advocate, Dido Hasper.
WHS was founded on the concept of self-help, demystifying your body, and putting your own health in your hands. The staff and clients remain greatly inspired in honor of Dido’s continued influence on women’s self-determination and health care choices.
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For more self-help information, view our website www.cawhs.org 


Jul 30 2021


8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Women's Health Specialists


Women's Health Specialists

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