Golfing With Your Kids

Golfing With Your Kids

Healthy Family Fun

By Amy Behlke

July is “Family Golf Month.” Golfing with kids, or family golf, is a trend growing in popularity. Getting outside for 18 holes with the family this summer is a great way to be healthier and spend some quality time with the kids.

Golf should not be counted out as being a heart healthy sport just because it is considered a leisurely activity. Walking is one of the best activities for the heart and even with the use of a cart, the average 18 hole course requires 6 miles of walking.

Golf is also the perfect sport to play with your kids. Most courses are very supportive of young golfers, allowing young children to play with their parents for a very low fee or even free of charge. Golfing with your children provides rare one-on-one time in a beautiful outdoor setting.

When children golf, it is important that children play with age-appropriate clubs, which can often be rented from the golf course clubhouse. To purchase junior clubs, check local, used sporting equipment stores for quality used clubs.

Start by taking your kids to the driving range. Get a few buckets of balls and show the kids the fundamentals of holding a club and swinging it. There are few things more fun for kids than hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range! Once they have the hang of swinging the club, try a few holes at a local course.

The best thing about golfing with kids is that you do not have to be an expert golfer to have a good time! The slower pace of golfing with kids will allow the adults to get in some good practice time while teaching the kids the basic fundamentals of the sport. A beautiful, sunny morning of golfing is the perfect way to be active and spend quality time with your family this summer!

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