HypnoBirthing® Combining Birthing with Hypnosis

HypnoBirthing® Combining Birthing with Hypnosis

Pregnancy is a big deal! For most women, it happens only once or a few times in their lives. In the modern age, birthing is often seen as a difficult event; however, in many cultures, birthing is viewed as the natural and simple event that begins a life. In fact, over eons of time, the standard is that mothers have been able to have gentle, calm births because under normal conditions, birth is uncomplicated and low risk.

HypnoBirthing® offers a way to make birth the best it can be. HypnoBirthing® combines hypnosis with education and prepares a mom to birth with ease. Many women and couples are declaring that they want births where they can be comfortable rather than tense, births where they can be aware rather than be sedated, and births where they can be involved rather than be afraid. Even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is reported to have used HypnoBirthing® for the birth of her first son.

Hypnobirthing® teaches how to embrace the wonder and beauty of pregnancy and birthing while at the same time, reducing the anxiety and stress. Over the course of five weekly classes, mom-to-be and her partner learn the basic tenets of childbirth without fear. These include: relaxing the body, breathing techniques for the different stages of birthing, and hypnosis to increase wellbeing. During class and at home, the couple practices exercises to relax the mother, bond with the baby, and advocate for the desired birth. In the process, they strengthen their trust in this natural event and anticipate the birthing day.

Fear is the biggest contributor to stressful childbirth. Fear creates tension, and tension creates tightness in the body. Tightness instigates pain. In HypnoBirthing®, a woman learns to do self-hypnosis in order to free the body from fear, and thus reduce excessive pain. Noelle Swonsen had such a birth. She stated, “I got a tattoo recently and it was more painful than labor! Birthing was easy thanks to Hypnobirthing®.”

HypnoBirthing (HB) has been around for about 30 years, and statistics support HB’s benefits. Only 9% of HB moms have episiotomies, compared to 22% of non-HB moms. 20% of HB moms have epidurals, compared to 70% non-HB moms. Babies fare better, too. 83% of HB moms report that the baby is an easy baby, compared to 60% non-HB moms. 1

Hypnosis works for other issues, too. As a hypnotherapist, I have helped people quit smoking, mourn losses of loved ones, resolve childhood traumas, and figure out direction in life. With HB, there is a chance for families to begin their child’s life in peace and tranquility. Kristin Miranda said, “My baby’s birth was wonderful. I was confident and free of fear.” Practitioners agree, “HypnoBirthing® has changed the way I practice obstetrics,” according to Dr. Jeffrey Segil. Alicia Watson says, “My baby’s birth was the most amazing experience. I love this program and am deeply led to teach it.”

Every woman deserves a safe and satisfying birth. Every baby deserves a welcome into life. Hypnobirthing® can be a valuable resource to help families embrace this once-in-a lifetime celebration!

Julia Ferré is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner, and mother of four adult children. She offers hypnotherapy sessions in private practice in Chico, California and around the United States. Julia birthed 3 of her 4 children at home, and brings her personal and therapeutic experience into her classroom setting. www.juliaferre.com juliaferre@yahoo.com 530-864-5053 For more information on HypnoBirthing®, see: http://hypnobirthing.com/.

1  HypnoBirthing Outcomes, U.S. 2005 to 2010. www.aucklandhypnobirthing.co.nz

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