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Whether it’s playing in your garden with your child or throwing a tea party, Little Red Hen gift shop Hen logounderstands the benefits of play. They not only have FIVE retail stores, they also teach play therapy to over 100 children with autism each year. Little Red Hen has discovered innovative ways to give children skills that they need to have fun and build valuable connections to the world and other people. Play therapy allows a child to have experiences that are emotionally freeing and universal to childhood. By interacting and playing with your child, you are helping them expand their imagination, create art, and improve fine motor skills and language. All five of Little Red Hen’s Retail locations carry purposeful toys, games and creative products that help them express themselves and learn. Little Red Hen is non-profit organization in Chico that employs 115 adults with developmental disabilities. They provide Retail With A Purpose.
Little Red Hen wants to show the community that people with autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, intellectual and neuro-muscular disabilities are not only capable of working in our quality boutique stores, but thriving. We take great pride in carrying unique and trendy products. Our 130+ employees pride themselves on cleanliness, professionalism and excellent customer service. After her son Alex’s autism diagnosis, Executive Director Teresa Wolk Hayes discovered there weren’t many services for children with autism, and she became passionate about making sure children with autism in our community had the best possible services. Teresa met many families that felt the same way, and they joined together to start a swim program for children with autism. What started as a family support group grew into a funded program with one-to-one instructors who not only taught the kids pool safety and how to swim, but social and communication skills, as well. More children’s programs followed, but Little Red Hen could not keep up with the demand, due to lack of space. Until last year, there were 50 kids with autism on the waiting list for its programs. That’s when Little Red Hen opened its LifeSpan Center, a 9,000 square foot facility where they could run programs five days a week. Our N.Y.G.V.T. (Not Your Garden Variety Theater) had its second annual performance of “Wizard of Oz” this summer starring 22 children with autism! As the children in these programs grow into adults, so does the question of what opportunities will be available for them. Many of the kids that attend Little Red Hen programs find employment opportunities there. Little Red Hen currently has 30 developmentally disabled adults on their waiting list for employment. By shopping at Little Red Hen stores, you are not only keeping your money local, you are helping employ developmentally disabled adults. You are supporting an organization that has been serving the community for almost 20 years. You are showing developmentally disabled people that they matter.

Little Red Hen Stores
Plant Nursery
Corner of 8th and Wall Street
Gift Shop
897 E. 20th Street
Kids & Kitchen
959 East Avenue
Vintage Hen
973 East Avenue, Suite J
Floral & More
959 East Avenue
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