School Field Trip Opportunities at the Patrick Ranch Museum

School Field Trip Opportunities at the Patrick Ranch Museum

The Patrick Ranch Museum is an Interactive Agricultural and Natural History Museum situated on 28 acres between Chico and Durham. Led by Patrick Ranch volunteers, students will experience the proud heritage of this area as told through many venues including: agricultural development, California history, the Native American story, the evolution of transportation and earth, life and physical sciences.

The Patrick Ranch’s natural, outdoor setting provides a unique learning experience that encourages hands-on learning, respect for our environment and stewardship in our youth, all vital to the long-term preservation and values of our historic past and natural resources. Activities are designed to align with California Common Core State Standards in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.


Enveloped in a breath taking outdoor classroom shaded by 260 year old valley oak trees and serenated by birds, they stand in full view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and waving fields of wheat! They are primed for learning! The museum’s hands-on curriculum covers a wide spectrum of subjects from how plants grow to how seeds grow into plants. They visualize the water story with the clouds hitting the Sierras, resulting rain water flowing into streams and periodic winter floods moving alluvial soil from streams to the valley floor. A hands-on erosion table tells the story of our meandering streams and rivers. Evidence of the valleys’ Mediterranean climate is punctuated with fruit trees from oranges, olives and persimmons to bay and lemon trees. They absorb the history of local communities and the Native Americans who first resided here. The four story tank house standing next to the grand farmhouse begs the history of the structure and its original purpose.


A very popular program, over 350 students have been enrolled in the few weeks since spring brochures were delivered to area schools. Field trips are scheduled to start at 9am and 11am on Wednesdays and Fridays. Field trip rates are $40 per class.  Prepaid reservations are required. Interested parties can contact the PRM office Tuesday – Friday from 9am – 12pm at (530) 342-4359.

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