The Nest: Support for All Families

The Nest: Support for All Families

The Nest: Support for All Families

Photos and Article By: Emily Hajec

All parents can relate in some way to the age-old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Regardless of the dynamics or demographics, at the base of any healthy family is one major component: Support. This is what The Nest is all about.

Officially opened to the public in July 2014, The Nest houses a group of highly trained professionals who are both dedicated to and passionate about providing families with the tools they need in all aspects of their health and wellness.

“Every parent needs support, and we truly offer families a safe place to seek advice and support without judgment from others,” says owner of The Nest, Sara Tingey Gordon. Whether through parent education classes, support groups, workshops, or private consultation, Gordon assures that The Nest has something to offer every family who may be seeking support.

Think of it almost as a one-stop shop for parents.IMG_9894

“Our members are highly trained and qualified in their fields,” asserts Gordon. “We (The Nest) are a collaboration of professionals who have come together under one roof to offer support to moms and dads in the community.”

And Gordon adds that the success of The Nest hinges on how much the community utilizes it. Whether seeking a weekly prenatal yoga class, group support from other parents, individualized one-on-one therapeutic care, or perhaps simply a referral, The Nest hosts an impressive list of professional services.

With a B.A. in Sociology and M.A. in Family Studies, Gordon has seen firsthand the consequential results of families who don’t receive the necessary support. “I have seen women and families struggle when they don’t get the support they need. The sooner we can provide support, the stronger those families will be for the lifespan.”

Gordon’s passion for helping women and her inspiration for forming The Nest stems from her dedication to educating families in the community. For six years, Gordon worked for Butte College and the Foster Kinship Care Education Program. Following this, she also received her Doula and Childbirth Educator training through DONA and Lamaze International.  But most importantly, Gordon herself is a mother of four which makes her connection to The Nest and its participants even more profound.

With an incredibly warm, welcoming, and professional atmosphere, The Nest truly offers a unique resource to parents in the community.IMG_9833

While all classes at The Nest are facilitated by professionals trained in their vocation, Gordon adds, “We absolutely welcome input from the community, and are currently seeking ideas from parents about classes they would like to see offered at The Nest.”

For more information about the classes and services offered to families, or to find out more about becoming a professional member at The Nest, please call 530-828-1900 or visit They are located at 7 Governors Lane, Chico, Ca, 95973.

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