Time Out For Mom

Time Out For Mom

10 Holiday Treats to Help You Sparkle This Season

The holiday season can be total chaos for moms. So, do not get bitten by the over-commitment bug this year. Try to carve out daily breaks to do something thoughtful just for you. This will help you think straight when requests for your time just keep pouring in.
Do not make the mistake of waiting for others to give you the gifts that turn on your holiday cheer. Give gifts to yourself first, and watch how much more generous you feel towards others.
You will smile all holiday season long, once you remember to inspire yourself daily:
The Smell of Bliss
Spritz a little bit of evergreen, sugar cookie, or eggnog latte room spray in the main rooms of your home. Your holiday spirit will perk right up and start to boogie, no further effort required. Purchase sprays at your local health food store, or mix your own using 20 drops of essential oil, 2 oz distilled water, and 2 oz of vodka in spray bottles or tinted glass spray bottles.
‘Nog Your Coffee
Make your own eggnog latté: Mix a half-cup of fresh eggnog with a quarter-cup of 2% milk. Steam until it is hot and frothy, or heat in the microwave. Pour over two shots of fresh espresso or a half a cup of coffee, brewed double-strength. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with nutmeg. Yummy!
Why not make some snowflakes for the windows? Get some plain white paper, fold it up into whatever shapes you like, and cut some chunks out of it. The more you cut, the more delicate the results, remember? Scotch tape your snowflakes up in windows where they will be visible to folks outside, so you can bring a smile to their faces, too.
Slough City
Turn your bathroom into a skin-softening getaway by stocking up on exfoliation brushes and cloths. Whip up a quick and minty scrub using a half-cup of sugar, a half-cup of coconut oil, and ten drops of peppermint essential oil. Use a generous amount and rub gently all over to kiss that flaky skin goodbye!
Cherish Fuzzy Friends
Pets are great teachers. Quality time with pets can fall to the bottom of our to-do lists at this time of year. Do not let this happen to you. Get down on the ground and let your pets remind you to slow down and make time to snuggle and play.
Turn up the Sparkle
Twinkle up your finger and toe nails with some sparkle polish. Whites, silvers, and golds all match the season. For more drama, go for reds, dark blues and even blacks that shimmer. Do not forget a bottom and top coat to protect your nails.
Make a List and Check it Twice You can put anything in the world you want on your list. As you are making it, pretend the sky really is the limit. What do you dream of receiving? Write it down. Make each dream a wish. You deserve it all, and more!
Give Yourself a Quick Stretch
All you need is a doorway and a rug. Stick out your arm and bend it straight up at the elbow. Lay your forearm on the doorjamb and twist your body gently away from your arm until you feel the stretch across your right shoulder and down the right side of your back. Ah, that feels good. Next, lie on your stomach, on a rug, and prop your upper body up slowly by straightening your arms. Push your hips down into the carpet as you arch your back as much as you can, stretching your upper body up and back. You will feel like a million bucks after a ten-minute stretch.
Curl up with a Good Book
You don’t have time to curl up with a book during the busiest time of year? But that’s precisely why you must do it! Reading slows us down and lets us settle in. Without a book to read, you might not ever slow down all holiday season. No matter how many pages you turn, let your good read remind you that tuning out the world every so often is good for the soul.
Don’t Resist the Weather
If you have the right gear for cold-weather outings, you can enjoy being out and about as much as the rest of the year. Sturdy walking boots, warm texting gloves, a comfortable hat, and a lightweight winter coat with a built-in muffler will keep you smiling as you brave the weather to get daily fresh air.

By Christina Katz

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