2019-2020 Chico Performances Field Trip Series

2019-2020 Chico Performances Field Trip Series

By Gabriela Prado

Childhood is a time for curiosity and imagination to run wild. The beauty of childhood is being able to grow up with limitless dreams of the future. These are years in which one’s imagination and creativity are at its peak, and that is what a commitment to arts education is all about. The developmental years of a child’s life are the peak time to foster and build on this imagination and creativity. Through exposure to the arts, a young individual may experience this magical period of their lives with wonder and awe.
Chico Performances is dedicated to helping children grow their creativity and imagination. Through their Field Trip Program, they show students how far a love of arts, creativity, environment, community, and imagination can take you in life. For more than 30 years, Chico Performances has brought local children face-to-face with performers and artists with a plethora of backgrounds and talents. Field Trips are affordable for classrooms as a way to inspire and educate a love of the arts. This series is curated for children of all interests and is designed with them in mind.
This year, the 2019-2020 Field Trip series features a variety of performances including music, dance, environmental education, and theatre. No matter what students are interested in, there is a performance that is sure to inspire them.
For students or classrooms with an interest in music, two musical performances are scheduled. On Wednesday, February 5, the GuGu Drum Group will be performing in Laxson, traveling all the way from Shanghai, depicting historical and culturally significant Chinese drumming. On Wednesday, March 4, the North State Symphony will be performing famous melodies from Bach, Beethoven, and so many more.
For students who are interested in dance and acrobatics, Momix: VIVA is performing on Friday, October 11. Momix uses illusion, dance, magical lighting, and imagery. Students will be transported to a magical world where anything is possible and the only thing to expect is the unexpected. On Friday, December 6, Chico Community Ballet presents A Very Chico Nutcracker: Behind the Scenes, which gives a closer look at a local holiday favorite that highlights Chico’s rich history and talented local dancers. On Thursday, January 30, Cirque Flip Fabrique: Blizzard will be depicting a winter wonderland full of circus performances, original music, and even poetry.
On Tuesday, November 5, for students who are fascinated and passionate about the environment, Earth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure will be giving an interactive performance using puppets, actors, science, and technology to depict paleontology to young audiences.
If theatre is your student’s passion, there are six theatre productions lined up for the 2019-2020 Field Trip Series. On Friday, September 13, Blue Room Young Company will be performing Disney’s Mary Poppins Jr., bringing the Disney favorite to the Laxson stage with a cast packed full of talented local actors and singers. On Wednesday, October 2, Maddi’s Fridge will showcase friendship and the fun and loving way to do the right thing for those you care about. The classic children’s book, The Rainbow Fish, will be brought to the stage on Thursday, October 17. Miss Nelson Has a Field Day will be brought to life on Friday, February 21, in a fun-filled musical based on the children’s book. On Friday, March 6, B-the Underwater Bubble Show will take children on a magical journey through Cirque du Solei inspired imagery and playful oceanic characters. A childhood favorite, The Jungle Book will be performed on April 8, taking students to the jungle in the classic story.
Tickets for the Field Trip series are $6 per seat. Visit www.chicoperformances.com and click on the “Kids” button to access an interactive order form and find more information. Field Trip requests for tickets must be submitted by August 16 in order to be considered for the lottery. Starting August 26, any remaining Field Trip tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
For more details and information on the Chico Performances Field Trip Series, visit www.Chicoperformances.com or call the University Box Office at (530) 898-6333 for more information.

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