20th Annual Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway

20th Annual Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway

Let Us Take You Under Our Wing & Show You the Magic of the Pacific Flyway!

January 23rd – 27th

This action-packed, 5-day event celebrates the remarkable journey of millions of waterfowl and raptors along the Pacific Flyway that call the Northern Sacramento Valley their home during the winter months.

Choose from over 70 field trips and workshops that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of interests. Free nature activities are offered for youth, as well as armchair adventures for all View impressive art at our Wildlife Art Exhibit at our new venue MONCA (Museum of Northern California Art).

Special Guest & Keynote Speaker: Naturalist and Birding Guide, David Wimpfheimer. A resident of Point Reyes since the early ‘80s, David will outline some of the factors that result in the dramatic diversity of the migratory and breeding birds in his lively presentation, “Point Reyes and the Farallon Islands: A Mecca for Birds and Birders.” He will examine trends and changes and share stories of special birds that have been seen over the decades.

For more information visit www.snowgoosefestival.org, email
info@snowgoosefestival.org, or call (530) 592-9092.

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