By Margaret O’Hair

There are different tests for deciding the best books for kids. Does it make them feel good about themselves? Can it inspire them to change the world? What about giving insight to issues in the world and broaden their perspectives? How about if it is just plain enjoyable to read the text again and again? And lastly, there are those books that help us find meaning in our lives and life around us. Whatever your filter, these books below, will stand the test of time.

By Marianne Duboc

The message of this read-aloud book is caring for friends and family, the ones in life who you love the most, and ultimately, who you need the most. Otto is a little squirrel who is happy by himself until another small animal named Pio comes to visit. While Otto starts out being annoyed with having to share everything, he soon realizes that life is better with a friend.

By Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

This book is the latest from the authors of the best seller, DRAGONS LOVE TACOS.

This is a book with rhythm and rhyme, and one that inspires a back and forth high five contest with you as the star of it. Kids love to give high fives, and this is a book that they will laugh with as they do the interactive things in the book, to make them even better at high fives.

SUPERHEROES ARE EVERYWHERE by Kamala Harris illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe

This is a picture book about a little girl named Kamala Harris who became a district attorney and a United States senator. As she goes through her life, she notices that superheroes are everywhere. Superheroes are among her friends, her family, and in her neighborhood. What makes a superhero, especially since everyone is different and unique? A superhero is someone who is being the best version of themselves that they can be.

By Hoda Korb

This is Hoda Korb’s second picture book for children. Both of her books are New York Times number one best sellers! This one is about being grateful for all the things we have in life, from the grandest thing to the smallest thing. The story is told through the eyes of a mama bear and her cub, as they settle down for the night to sleep. Mama Bear and her cub discuss the things in their world that bring them happiness.

This book is a perfect bedtime read for you and your child.

By Holly Hatam

A fun read for the youngest readers in your family. This book has bright and cheerful pictures, sweet, simple text, and the always winning subject topic of dragons. Every time you read this book to your little one, you will reassure them of how much they are loved.
SEA BEAR: A Journey For Survival
Written and illustrated by Lindsay Moore

This is a stunning book of bear, ice, sky, and sea. Journey with the steadfast polar bear, through the Arctic ocean, as she searches for land. Global warming has made the ice break apart, and the bear has a hard time finding what he needs. The writing is gorgeous, poetic prose. The illustrations are stunning. Follow along as the bear meets other marine creatures, walruses, seals, a whale in his quest for land. This poignant and timely book will send a message to children about the importance of saving the environment.

By Max Amato

This is a picturebook by Max Amato about a very linear and by the book Eraser and his more organic friend, Pencil. Eraser has adventures involving a tornado and getting grubby, and it shows how imperfect he is. But this book also portrays Pencil as Eraser’s opposite. Readers will find that opposites not only end up attracting each other, but they figure out how to work together as they go through their places in the world. And when they end up with their friendship, they are stronger then they were alone.

This is a hilarious and playful story your kids will ask for again and again.

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