Book Reviews From A Local Author

Book Reviews From A Local Author

For the Cat Lover: “A Cat’s Guide to Paris”

“A Cat’s Guide to Paris” provides the cat lover with the top things to see and do on a visit to the City of Light.

Written humorously for cats, each page spread contains one original illustration of an iconic spot in Paris, followed by cat-focused descriptions of what to do and where to go. (There are translations from French to “Cat” English as well.)

Don’t forget to look for the hidden kitty in each picture!


For the Lover the Sea: “Creatures of the Mysterious Deep”

Find your spirit animal…of the deep. Are you an axolotl, or an anglerfish? An octopus or an eel?

Explore original illustrations of nine magnificent sea creatures with backdrops that give the illusion of swimming through clusters of stars. Included are characteristic traits about each organism so that you might draw connections between yourself and these strange, beautiful animals.

Plus, take the “Personality Quiz” to determine which “Creature of the Deep” you most resemble!


For the Writer: “The Missing Pages”

Explore nine original illustrations of animals and objects “in media res” (a Latin phrase meaning “in the middle of the action”), each paired with a brief piece of text and a faux book title.

You won’t get the whole story from these “Missing Pages,” just an excerpt. Just enough for you to finish the narrative in your own mind. You might even use these as prompts to write your own stories.

How can you use “The Missing Pages”?

* Use the drawings as prompts for your own creative stories
* Use the stories as prompts for your own original drawings
* Read to a child and encourage them to write their own “Missing Pages”!

MaryRose Lovgren (AKA Birdy and Bee) has degrees in Zoology and English Literature from the University of California at Davis and uses her background in science and storytelling in her art. She also designs interpretive and educational materials, which you can view at

She has a fondness for pen-and-ink drawing and the illustrations in children’s storybooks, and wouldn’t mind living with the French cats in Paris (although that might make her five cats at home jealous).

Have an idea for a new drawing or book? Send her an email! (And by her, I mean me, because it’s just me here, talking in the third person…)


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