Disney’s “Tomorrowland” Should be Called “Yesterdayland”

By Greg Holman

Each week, as a family, we strive to add some spare change to the “Disneyland Jar,” so when we were able to fill it, you can imagine the celebration from our entire family of five. On so many levels, it really is the happiest place on earth.  Unfortunately, when we arrived at Tomorrowland, we found quite a contradiction.
In 1955, Disneyland’s Tomorrowland opened Autopia. This ride was to represent the interstate highway system expanding across the country. Originally sponsored by Richfield Oil, then by Chevron in 2000, Autopia cars are run by the futuristic fuel…gasoline?

Really? They have recycling bins everywhere, a great “Environmentality” educational program, and their bags are made of post-consumer recycled material. However, the cars in Tomorrowland are run on the same fossil fuel that we have used for over 100 years. Not only do the cars burn gasoline, but they sound as if they are using the same motors that are now banned from use, even in lawn mowers because of poor emissions.

Disneyland, if you really want a Tomorrowland, consider using fully electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are great because of the fact that they have no harmful emissions and can be charged by the latest and greatest alternative fuel sources (Solar, Wind, Wave, Biomass, Algae). Also, show some forethought: add some of these alternative power generators to the park. Likely they would not be a significant source of energy, but an education tool and preview of where this world needs to be heading. It’s a small world after all…

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