Three Cheers for Teachers! Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers That Won’t Bust Your Budget

By Christina Katz

Get in the spirit and spread cheer to your child’s teachers this holiday season. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way and it sets a great example for your child.
In recent years, teachers have been asked to take on extra duties, often accompanied by pay cuts. This has impacted their ability to purchase extra classroom materials to enrich the content and make the classroom more fun. Although most teachers have always paid for extras out of pocket anyway, it has been especially rough over the past few years.
Your donations of money, time, and cheer to your child’s classroom can boost a teacher’s ability to consistently do their best work. Recognizing the hard work teachers do each day will let them know they are appreciated and can energize them.
If your child catches you being generous to her teacher, and working together in harmony, she sees a terrific example of how to like and trust authority figures, which will pay off for a lifetime.
There are many great gifts you can give to a child’s teacher, but sometimes you want to do something different. Here is an alphabet list of teacher gift ideas that will put a big smile on three faces-yours, your child’s, and your child’s teacher’s-without breaking the bank this holiday season.
A is for art supplies that enrich the learning experience
B is for books, for teachers, and for the classroom
C is for chocolates, candies, or cupcakes
D is for donations to a charity in her name
E is for erasers in all shapes and sizes
F is for food baskets, think: fast, ethnic, or organic
G is for games for classroom downtime
H is for handmade mugs, frames, or vases
J is for jewelry or anything bedazzled
K is for kitchen gadgets everyone always needs
L is for lottery tickets stuffed in a personal note
M is for money in any form-coins, cash, or checks
N is for a personal note of praise sent to the principal
O is for office supplies, but any type of supplies will do
P is for a potted perennial or herb plant
Q is for quote books your teacher would fancy
R is for recipe books written for busy people
S is for salts, scrubs, or soaps
T is for tea, but don’t forget the coffee
U is for a big colorful umbrella
V is for volunteering your time with a smile
W is for a water bottle that will last all day
Y is for a yearbook donation so no child is left without
Z is for Zinnias, but any colorful bouquet would do

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