Gifts For Teachers (What they really want)

Gifts For Teachers (What they really want)

Growing up Chico Magazine surveyed several teachers and asked them to honestly tell us what they like to get as teacher gifts. Many teachers said they do not need any gifts, except for their students to get assignments in, follow the classroom rules, and help make learning fun by taking ownership of the classroom and being respectful to their peers. After some major prodding, we were able to get teachers to share some of their ideas. They are just so humble!

Without giving away their identities, here are some the gifts teachers love getting:

“A heartfelt, card made by a student.”

“Once we had a parent and student clean up a little area of campus over the break. Weed, pick up trash, sweep off the sidewalk and straighten some ornamental rocks. That was the best!”

“I love it when students make really practical daily use gifts or give gifts that I can enjoy with my family… time I can spend with my own kids!”

“More than anything I love to receive a sincere note from a student or an email from a grateful parent. It makes the end of semester rush seem less hectic and reminds me that I’m so lucky to have these great relationships and learning experiences with my students.”

“Hand sanitizer, Starbucks gift cards.”

“A book a student thinks I’ll enjoy, a gift certificate for activities I can do with my kids, a coupon for babysitting, and restaurant gift cards are always appreciated!”

“If a parent does want to give a gift, it is appreciated if a student makes a donation to the class: a favorite book, tools from Harbor Freight, or a donation to a charity that relates to something that students have studied.”

“Gift certificates for restaurants, groceries, coffee, or massages; Going in together as a class on something bigger you know the teacher wants (I was once given a Nook this way); Tickets to events; or something catered to the teacher’s interests (a parent once gave me several baking items).”

“Sticky notes! They make them really cool these days!”

“See’s candy, plants, coffee, dinner or massage gift cards or something to share with family… All nice things you can always use! Those are what I always bought my boys’ teachers. Orient & Flume too!”

“They all need massages I am sure!!”

“A plant for my classroom maybe, pillows to make class more comfy, or books for the classroom library!”

“I always feel a little awkward about the gifts- I love teaching and NEVER expect gifts from my students! When I do get gifts though, Sierra Nevada (Restaurant) gift cards are my favorite… haha!”

“I love gift cards from Starbucks or Tea Bar.”

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