Local Author Making A Difference

Local Author Making A Difference

Chico Author, Stacy Piper, has been making a real difference to children in Chico, and the surrounding communities, with her children’s book, Sugar Bugz: They Live On Your Teeth.

The creation of the Sugar Bugz book was done by Chico people! With inspiration from her Chico born kids, Stacy wrote the book. Stacy and her husband, Sam Piper, created the storyboards and then Sam did the layout and design. Local Artist, Lori Escobar, did the amazing and creative art for the book. Several local teachers helped edit the text and local Dentist, Dr. Roos, wrote the forward of the book.

Stacy and her husband spent their savings to publish this special book. Stacy launched the book’s website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest account, and blog. She has made the book available on Amazon in print and e-Book format. Stacy is proud that many local businesses, like Made In Chico, Postal Plus, Hubbs Stationary and Chico Pediatric Dentistry want to sell her book.

Stacy has read her book to hundreds of children throughout northern California and she has worked with many local organizations like First 5 Butte County, in effort to help them with their oral health initiatives. The book is now being used for many outreach programs in Butte County, as well as in other counties.

What does the future hold? The 2nd edition of the Sugar Bugz: They Live On Your Teeth book will have Spanish, as well as English, on each page! Stacy has also written adorable Halloween and Christmas Sugar Bugz books. She is currently seeking sponsorship in attempts to fund the Spanish edition, as well as the Halloween and Christmas sequels.

In closing, Stacy wants to make sure Chico knows that every year, in February, kids can get FREE dental health care on Give Kids A Smile day! For these free services, you must sign up EARLY, starting in October.

Places like Northern Valley Indian Health and Chico Pediatric Dentistry have generously offered dental care on Give Kids A Smile day in the past and Stacy has volunteered at Chico Pediatric Dentistry by reading her Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth book while the kids wait in the lobby. Stacy continues to be AMAZED at how many local dental professionals volunteer their day to our community each year.

February is Stacy’s busiest month as she runs around to schools and organizations, helping to promote children’s dental hygiene.

In working with many entities in Chico, Stacy has come to realize that our special town is filled with awesome educators, businesses and organizations!

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